Tallinn Music Week 2021 is back!

It’s once again time for Tallinn Music Week, and as is tradition, several former Eesti Laul contestants will take part in the festival, including former Eurovision contestants as well!

For the 5th year in a row, Tallinn Music Week continues its mission to raise awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Estonia, putting a focus on health and well-being withing the music and creative industry, promoting gender equality, in collaboration with the international initiative Keychange, reducing inequalities for underrepresented groups within Estonia, being mindful of the environmental impact by ensuring responsible consumption and production, and making sure the events takes place in inclusive communities and public spaces. For more information about these initiatives, visit Tallinn Music Week’s website.

For those interested in experiencing Eesti Laul and Eurovision contestants on stage in Tallinn, here is an excerpt of the program highlighting those artists. You can find the full music program on the TMW website.

I Wear* Experiment 🇪🇪

I Wear* Experiment last participated in Eesti Laul in 2016 with the song Patience, reaching the 6th place in the final.

You can see them live Thursday evening: Friday 1/10, 00:00 – Võnge Festival Stage (F-Hoone)

Alabama Watchdog 🇪🇪

Alabama Watchdog last participated in Eesti Laul 2021 with the song Alabama Watchdog, where they reached the semi finals.

You can see them live Friday evening: Friday 1/10, 21:00 – KinoMaja Hard Night (KinoMaja)


ANETT last participated in Eesti Laul 2020, together with Fredi, with their song Write About Me, reaching a 3rd place in the finals.

You can see her live Thursday evening: Thursday 30/9, 20:00 – Funk Embassy Stage (D3)


INGER last participated in Eesti Laul 2020 with her song Only Dream, reaching the 8th place in the finals.

You can see her live Saturday evening: Saturday 2/10, 21:00 – KinoMaja Soft Night (KinoMaja)

Hatari 🇮🇸

Hatari represented Iceland in Eurovision 2019 with their song Hatrið mun sigra, reaching a 10th place in the Grand Finale.

Hatari will perform together with Bashar Murad Friday evening: Friday 1/10, 21:45 – Station Narva Stage (Kultuurikatel)