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Eldar presents “Until the End”

Eldar Gasimov, one half of the Azerbaijani winning duo from Eurovision 2011, recently released a new single in collaboration with VoColor. The name of the song is “Until the End”.

New songs by Eurovision 2020 artists

After the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, a lot of artists were under pressure whether they will represent their respective countries in the year of 2021. While 25 countries have confirmed their participation, only 18 of them have announced that the 2020 artists will also represent the country in 2021. But no matter …

Eurovision 2020 artists singing covers

You have heard all of these songs before in Eurovision, but now some of the artists from Eurovision 2020 show of their capabilities by performing covers of past Eurovision numbers. Over the past several weeks of quarantine regime across most of Europe. the artists, besides staying at home, also continue to develop and show of …